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1st edition Collectable Print comic


50 Left!

The 1st Printed Edition of the Comic (and movie) was called "The Secret of The 5 Powers".  The Comic name was shortened for the movie release to "The 5 Powers." There are 50 Left!.

Artist Signed 1st Edition Comic Books are Available to buy - €37 ($40) includes shipping to anywhere in the world.  Get One Now!

Buying the Collectable Comic helps to support the release of the movie and its valuable message!

Thank you, Gregory - Producer / Co-Director

Over the years Gregory Kennedy-Salemi, the founder of Mindfulcloud, has worked with Dr. Jane Goodall (Africa & Europe), Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. James Lawson, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Adolfo Perez Equivel, Dr. Hildegard Goss Mayr, Zlata Filipovich, Erin Gruwell (The Freedom Writers Diary), thousands of students and over one hundred teachers on social and environmental projects and initiatives around the world. Mindfulcloud - Media & Technology for Social Good.