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Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story

One of the 'The 5 Powers' film's big surprises, is the largely unknown comic book that turned Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. into a Superhero. Dr. Sylvia Rhor, Martin Luther King, Jr. scholar from NYU, shares the origins of the powerful "Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story" Comic Book.

In 1956, Alfred Hassler had an idea: he wanted to work with Martin Luther King to produce a comic book - a comic book to be distributed in the South to young and old, African Americans and white Americans, to tell the story of the struggle for civil rights in Montgomery.

The idea itself was groundbreaking. Rarely does one think of a comic book as an important tool in the struggle for civil rights, but this comic book has been quietly changing the course of history around the world for over 50 years.


Buy the comic or read the digital copy on the Stanford University site.