The 5 Powers – Superheroes of Peace - Citizen heroes

Numerous superhero origin stories tell of a character’s interaction with an unknown element that affects a radical transformation; from Spiderman to the Hulk and beyond.

This change often leads to heightened senses, enhanced abilities and a sense of a greater mission that transcends our individual selves. Although this path is a familiar trope in the realm of “fantasy” it actually exists in the real world as well.

A notion so profound yet so simple that can turn each of us into heroes. Like the spider that bit Peter Parker this “real life” element, called Mindfulness can manifest better focus and concentration, increased self-awareness, stronger impulse control and feelings of calm, reduced aggression and violent behavior, stress, and loneliness, and increased empathy and understanding of others.

The movie tells the story of three Superheroes of Peace and focuses on the power of mindfulness and the 5 ways to access it in our own lives to affect change within ourselves and within our world.  

We'll learn about our main character’s journey towards mastery of the 5 Powers through the experiences of Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong and their Superhero of Peace friends Alfred Hassler and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.